CritCandy Podcast 29/06/2017

  On the episode this week, I grapple with some of the literary basis for criticising video game storytelling and character development – and how difficult it is to accurately place them in cultural settings. I also check in with the Early Access ‘Metroidvania Roguelike’ Dead Cells, more Battlegrounds and Final Fantasy III.

CritCandy Podcast 01/06/2017

  On this week’s show I delve into some more Battlegrounds, the Darkest of Dungeons possible and drink some soft beverages in the Fallout 4 DLC packs. I also explore the mysteries of Root Letter and Uncharted 4 and check in for the last time with Horizon Zero Dawn. Enjoy!

CritCandy Podcast 11/05/2017

  On this week’s podcast I talk about falling out of love with Zelda, my immense desire to play Battlegrounds and my first real time with a Mario Kart game. I also check in with some Puyo-Puyo Tetris, try to learn what Risk of Rain is and smash some coffee cups (NOT MIMICS) in Prey.…

CritCandy Podcast 21/04/2017

  On this weeks edition of the podcast: Skyrim: Special Edition, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Motorcycle Club. Over on the PC side of things, I talk about Factorio, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, ¬†and Stellaris. Enjoy and thank you for subscribing!