CritCandy Podcast 15/01/2017



This week on the show I delve into my thoughts on the games I played this week (or not): Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and Final Fantasy XV. In the news, I touch on the departure of Rhianna Pratchett from Crystal Dynamics, the cancellation of Scalebound and TONS of Nintendo Switch news from the latest event.

One thought on “CritCandy Podcast 15/01/2017

  1. Stephen, Mario Kart is brilliant! You’ll have to come round and have a bash at 8 on my WiiU.

    As for the Switch, I’m waiting for a price reduction/Pokémon game to come out.

    The new Mario game is probably closest to Sunshine in my opinion.

    Fire Emblem is a great franchise but I am not sure about this new game, have to see how it plays.

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