Welcome to CritCandy!


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Hello and welcome to my new website about games, CritCandy.

I have thought about and worked on various iterations of this site for close to 8 years, publishing reviews and opinion pieces whenever the mood took me (usually rarely and only when my creative juices were in full flow). This website in its current form represents a renewed drive to share my creative content with others on the topic of playing video games, reviewing them, critically analysing them and, most importantly, enjoying them with you.

There are three key forms of content that I have fallen upon over the years to bring my thoughts to you on the games we play, and I am working to produce them from now onwards on a weekly schedule – if you’ve been here before or in the distant past, you may remember them. Let me elaborate.

The first is a weekly podcast, created and produced by me, designed to briefly address the hot topics of the week and rto casually review the experiences of the past week in the games I have played and the news I have read. This is not intended to be an all-encompassing round of everything the week had to offer, more of a personal slice of what caught my eye. Each one will clock in around 30-45 minutes, perfect to chill out with a tea or coffee and take in quickly and easily. Each podcast will upload on Thursday and will be available on iTunes – don’t forget to subscribe. You can listen to the first podcast right now. The next podcast will be ready for your to try on Thursday 10th October 2016. 

The second is an article called Aftertouch. Aftertouch is based on a concept introduced by Malcolm Gladwell, respected author and staff writer for The New Yorker since 1996. In his podcast ‘Revisionist History’, Gladwell seeks to revisit elements of history often overlooked. In my weekly Aftertouch pieces, I will attempt to revisit games and/or concepts that I believe have been overlooked or forgotten in the grand scheme of the video game sphere. Each article will be a 5 to 10 minute read, and will be available every Tuesday. The first week will look at Monster Hunter and it’s clones, and will be ready to read on 8th November 2016.

The third and final piece of weekly content is called Sunday Syndrome. Sunday Syndrome is a long running project of mine and stems back to a very basic concept – something thought provoking that would feel perfect to read on a drizzly sunday morning with a hot drink close at hand. It’s a romanticised concept but the basic goals stays the same. This piece is a weekly attempt to provoke critical analysis of the games we play, how they collide with historical and cultural context and what that means for video games as a whole. I’m excited to bring you the first piece on 13th October 2016.

Just writing this and envisioning a future of great content and engaging with others as passionate about games as I am is tantalising, and I hope you feel the same.

There are two easy ways to keep up to date with CritCandy on your favourite social media platform (not to mention bookmarking the website!)

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CritCandy on Twitter

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